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Are you a single looking forward to going into a relationship? Do you have all it takes to satisfy your boyfriend or girlfriend emotionally? Love isn’t a subject to treat less-important in any relationship. It is a bond that shows true affection, and you must be ready to show it ultimately. Sometimes, it’s always hard to know who truly loves you or how to survive in a relationship. Whichever side you may be, you are at the cross into living a life full of affection with these boyfriend and girlfriend quotes that will leave positive impacts on your relationship.

Best Boyfriend and girlfriend quotes

“The best boyfriend you’ll have isn’t the best looking, the funniest, or the richest. It’s the one that makes you feel gorgeous, hilarious, and like a million dollars. He makes sure you know he loves you.”

– Unknown

Most times, looks can be deceitful. The appearance of your boyfriend has nothing to do with what he has to offer to your love life. So, you should not build your criteria on looks, rather, find a boyfriend that makes you feel happy and special every day.

“Give a girl a boyfriend and she becomes a total expert on relationships.”

– Unknown

Love can be so amazing, it can make a girl who knows nothing about love become a relationship expert within a very short time. You just need to give her a boyfriend that worths it, and see how a novice can turn expert overnight.

“A real boyfriend knows his girl like the back of his hand. He knows when she’s mad, sad, aggravated, happy and hurt because that’s his girl.”

– Unknown

Studying your girlfriend is very important in any relationship. You need to study her well, know when she’s sad and happy. Girls are not always happy, and you must know that their moods can swing at any time.

“The boyfriends who still hold bags, open doors, tell their girlfriends they are beautiful are real men. ”

– Unknown

As a boyfriend, showing affection will help sustain your relationship. Adore your girlfriend, give helping hands when she needs one and makes her feel very special every time. Tell her sweet words, hug and adore her in the face of everyone.

“When a woman says she doesn’t want to be your fling, it doesn’t mean she wants to be your girlfriend either. All the signs may just be her way of accommodating you or showing you’re good company, and not because she loves you at all to want more from you.”

– Temitayo Olami

Some girls do not want any relationship with their male friends, they just want to be friends and just friends. They might show a great deal of affection, it does not necessarily mean they want you closer than being casual friends.

“To ask a man whether or not he has a girlfriend is to talk about his sex life. If you disagree with that, then how in the name of God do you differentiate between a man’s girlfriend and a girl that is a friend to the man. ”

– Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Truly, one of the best ways to know if a man has a good sex life is asking if he has a girlfriend. He could be one that girls flock around and not necessarily be in a relationship with any of them.

“The girlfriend you love out of pity today will frustrate your love tomorrow. True love is borne out of true intention, and not circumstantial feelings.”

– FemKush

Loving a girl truly should not be because you pity her out of her current situation or heartbreak. It should genuinely be out of sincere love. True love, most times, don’t have a genuine reason. You should not love a girl out of pity because when the object of pity is finally gone, she may turn away from you and you become frustrated.

“Nothing humbles a beautiful woman better than not being wanted by a man whose girlfriend or wife is ugly (or not as beautiful as she is).”

– Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Some boyfriends do not see facial beauty as a criterion, and so they can easily discard any advances from a pretty woman. Even if their girlfriends are not beautiful, they cherish them. This pains some pretty women a lot, especially when they discover that the guys they are making advances to do not have such pretty girls in their lives.

“A beautiful girlfriend is worth two more.”

– Raheel Farooq

If you have a beautiful girlfriend, you have many things. A lot of men out there are envious of you when you walk together. They know you have what many people do not have. So, when you find yourself in a beautiful lady’s arm, treat her well.

“Wife; a former girlfriend.”

– Bangambiki Habyarimana

You don’t wake up someday and say you want a wife, and you find a woman and get married on the same day. It must definitely take a series of processes. From courtship to years or months of dating, girlfriend becomes a wife.

Love is a sweet feeling that every man needs to have. However, mutuality plays the best role. If you love a particular girl that does not love you, what is the essence of the existence of love between you both? A girlfriend and her boyfriend must love each other, not that love is coming from just one side.

In every relationship, love is an essential affection that must stand firm between a girlfriend and her boyfriend. A dependable, honest and trustworthy girlfriend will make her boyfriend proud always.

If your boyfriend has decided to make you his companion, he must have carefully checked out the options he had and concluded that you are truly the best that deserves the place in his heart.

However, it is saddening that there are some girlfriends who do not know their roles in relationships and how they can make affection grow. Some are even oblivious of the fact that their actions, inactions and behavior have a great deal of influence on their relationship. As a lady, if you find yourself in the arms of a man, ensure that you are independent. It is really appreciated by a lot of men. In fact, your boyfriend will respect you for that. When you find yourself in a relationship with your decent man, give him the attention he craves, advise him on every crucial matter of his life, career and the relationship itself when things are not going smoothly. Challenges will spring up but you must be able to deal with them with understanding as each matter arises.

Dressing decently and looking attractive to your boyfriend will make the affection he has for you to grow wilder each time he sees you.

In every fruitful relationship, trust and understanding matter a lot. If a girlfriend doesn’t trust her boyfriend, it begins to create pores in their relationship. They begin to unconsciously break the link between each other and the result of this is that the relationship breaks up and eventually destroys.

There are times when a boyfriend decides to make it an onus on himself to make his girlfriend happy, take her on expensive dates, buy her lovely gifts and spend precious time with her and this sometimes may appear to be some foolish acts, but essentially, they are needed. They are the spices that make a relationship healthy. They are not foolish acts but essential sacrifices. If he offers such sacrifices to make her girlfriend happy, you observe that love does not die nor decrease in magnitude. Even if a problem arises, and she considers giving up on the relationship, such wonderful memories will convince her that her boyfriend loves her truly.

A good boyfriend wakes up in the morning, sends her partner a lovely and romantic message, calls her in the noon to check on her, sings her lovely songs at night (even if he doesn’t have a good voice). The crooked voice will make her feel special that he cherishes her and can go any length to make her happy, even if he lacks such a thing to make her happy.

If you aim at having a relationship of a solid foundation, you have no reason to hide anything from your companion. The moment you begin to hide sensitive matters from your boyfriend or girlfriend, trust has automatically started to depreciate in the relationship.

Study your boyfriend or girlfriend and know when he is happy or sad. Sometimes, your partner may need some rest or break from everyone around. Have you studied when that time could be? Have you studied when his/her mood swings? Mood swings can be experienced by both men and women, probably due to psychological problems. You just have to find out by yourself.

If he doesn’t hold your hands in the public, help you carry your bags, open doors for you, treat you with utmost attention and even hug you in the public, then you should check him carefully. Something is definitely not right.

Adore your boyfriend. Take good care of your girlfriend. You know why? Someone somewhere is jealous of your relationship. Do not grant any external influence over your relationship. Most importantly, build your relationship on trust and genuine love.

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